The What if Game


So as a female my brain is always ticking and lately it for whatever reason has been worse than usual. I admit that I’m a worry wart and an over analyser and I’m sure there are many of us who are. My brain likes for me to play a game called  what if ? A game that has no points and no winner. Unless your prize is to give yourself a headache from otherthinking or not being able to get to sleep.  The what if game is mostly a question game that makes you rethink something or everything you’ve done that day or in a particular situation whetehr it was that day or 3 weeks prior. An example of the what if game was that I had recently gotten a reminder that I  was due to go the doctors for a check up. Its nomal, it routine, I’ve been there done that before. No problem I’ll adult the crap out of that check up. But no my brain had other ideas and the game was on. It listed for me every bad thing it could think of for both scenarios of me going and not going.

What if your sick? What if your dying? What if they want a blood test this time? What if its pap smear time? What if its the grumpy doctor? What if you need to have medication? What if the medication expensive? What if your allergic to the medicine or get some of the side effects? What if you don’t go and your sickness gets worse? What if you go and there’s nothing wrong with you? What if someone else could have needed the appointment more than you? What if you went and someone collapsed in the waiting room but all the doctors and staff are busy? What if they charge you, what could you have spent the money on instead? What if the practice goes into a quarantine lock down because someone’s got a contagious disease? What if work calls you in while your there? What if you forget your wallet or when your appointment was?

That’s the what if game. Often completely illogical yet I still play. I’d say I’m just a hypochondriac but I do this game for many  so many things.

Not sure if anyone else will find this entertaining but I had fun writing it.

Until next time, Lily

What if no one reads this? What if everyone reads it? What if you’ve done spelling mistakes? What if people just think your bonkers now? What if no one else does this? What if people are sick of reading the words what if?

Where’s the off switch ha ha.